Readers in Store



Brenda has been working with Tarot, Astrology, numerology & palmistry for 35 years.
She uses these as tools to connect and guide others, helping them with decision making,
accepting challenges and changes that they may be going through.
As a qualified Naturopath she is also able to help with any health issues you may have.

Brenda is available on Saturdays and alternate Sundays.


Barbara has been working with spirit since a child some 40 years ago. Starting her journey of discovery using Tarot, Astrology and Numerology. Her readings give insight and direction in all aspects of life, including love, health and career options.
Barbara is qualified in Hypnotherapy specializing in Past Life Regression, Bowen technique, Spiritual counseling, Reiki, tarot and teaching  psychic development

Barbara is available every Wednesday and every second Sunday.



Shirley has worked in the spiritual healing field for over 15 years,as a intuitive, Spiritual and Chrystal healer.
Her empathic and mediumship abilities continue to grow and these abilities are combined when reading the Tarot to help and add depth to the reading.
Shirley can give insights into the coming year and answer questions you may have which will help empower you so you may fully embrace more of your life’s journey

Shirley is available every second Monday.



The Tarot cards are only a guide to our past, present and future. Nothing is set in concrete. The path you take is your choice, but the cards are very informative. She enjoys helping people to find an alternative answer and guidance to their questions with the help of her spirit guides.

Margaret is a regular at Psycic fairs and is well thought of as a Tarot Reader.

Margaret is available every Thursday.


Tracey’s journey with spirit began many years ago as a seeker of self awareness and insight.
She became blessed with a strong connection to spirit and intuition.
Her intuition helps her to see and read auras, energy, and past lives for healing and guidance.

Available for readings on Tuesday and Fridays.